Real Estate Laws – Need a Map?

I am not going to go into any real estate laws in particular as I really want to discuss the importance of having a good lawyer on your team. Every real estate transaction is different and you need someone to protect your interest and help you to navigate threw all the complex terms and clauses.

A good lawyer is key. They can advise you on what repairs need to be disclosed to the buyer. They can also help with the closing and make sure you do not make any careless errors in judgment.

If you ever want to get into investing you will need a great lawyer on your team. I can not tell you the number of times I have had real estate agents tell me you can not do that, only to find out they did not understand the strategy and in a moment of confusion screamed “hit the breaks”. As an investor you have a lot more flexibility and leeway.

Usually the buyer’s lawyer will advise them to get a property inspection. This is going to include the entire property especially your roof and basement. The last thing you want is to sell your house and get sued.

You do not want to be in a scenario where you had your property sold and you purchased another property only to have your original property returned due to contract breaches or litigation issues such as disclosure.

I always tell people do not think of the money the lawyer is costing you, rather think of the potentially millions of dollars they are saving you in litigation.

Hello my name is Robert but you can call me Bob, a year ago I made a decision that I would not be a slave to money. This is what I learned.

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Plan To Succeed With Information Product Creation: Why You Need To Split Your Process Up

One of the keys to succeeding in information product creation is to break the process up into discrete steps. This frequently isn’t an instinctive reaction for the typical information marketer. Especially on the internet where small sized learning products are the norm.

However, it is extremely important to your ultimate success. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you don’t do this you probably won’t succeed… even when you are starting out let alone as you move forward.

Your product creation system should do this for you if only to help you to understand the overall task.

But why?

In this article, I’m going to ignore chunking and focus on the practical aspects. That’s not to say that chunking isn’t important. It is. It’s important to understanding and to learning the process. But while you can use the same chunks as you move forward, long term your focus needs to be on the operation of the system not the understanding of it. Unless of course you are constantly training new people!

So why is chunking important to long term use of the product creation process? (Yes, I know systems design uses a different term for this process but I’m not teaching you systems design. So I’m going to use the word learning content designers use.)

The first reason that having individual discrete tasks is important is one of schedule estimation. Frequently it is very difficult to estimate how long the total task of creating a product will take. After all, the size and type of the products matters as does the number of products in your product funnel. And those are just the most obvious elements. However, estimating a discrete task is often much easier. The total can then be estimated as the total of the discrete tasks.

Secondly, scheduling a large task can be problematic. However, by segmenting the task into a number of discrete tasks, you gain a much greater flexibility in scheduling. Not only that but as your business begins to add people you are able to schedule multiple people to the product creation.

Finally, segmenting a large task into smaller discrete tasks allows you to have much better control over the product creation. This affects two different areas — status and quality.

By segmenting your process into discrete tasks you are able to schedule and record the progress at much more detailed level. As a result you are more in control of the status of the product creation. You know what everyone is doing. When they should complete it. And how much it should cost. You also know exactly what has been done.

You also improve your overall quality. Instead of waiting until everything is done you can check quality as you go. This allows you to immediate react to low quality products without absorbing their costs. This means that you have less rework and your rework costs less. And if the product is not going to meet its quality requirement you will know about it in time to stop the development, change the requirement or fix the product.

Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity – Don’t Fall For The Hype

More and more people are working from home today, a trend that is only going to become more popular in the future. Already, there are more than 52 million home-based workers, and that’s just in North America alone. According to the United States Department of Labor, as many as two-thirds of all Americans could be working from home by the year 2025. While many of these folks will be stay-at-home workers employed by companies, the vast majority of these people will have started their “own” stay-at-home business. If you are looking for a home based business, a simple Google search will display literally thousands of opportunities. Take it from me, the Internet is chocked full of get rich quick home based businesses. Do not; I repeat -DO NOT – sign up for any Internet business that claims you will be making $5,000-10,000 a month within the first couple of months. It’s just not true, as much as you may want to believe it. You are looking for a legitimate home based business; you need to understand that NONE of these companies making outrageous claims are legitimate.If you are looking for a legitimate home based business opportunity, learn the lessons from hundreds of thousands of other people who have been lured into these get rich schemes. These people have paid thousands upon thousands of dollars, only to be frustrated, disappointed and poorer for their efforts. Fortunately, you can learn from their mistakes without investing another dollar. In the beginning, like many others, I fell for several of these companies’ promises of making big bucks quickly. To be candid with you, I am embarrassed to admit that I, too, poured thousands of dollars into these companies that promoted themselves as being a legitimate business, just to eke out a couple hundred dollars a month. The one thing I did get out of all my efforts was an education in what “not to do,” and I want to pass along a few tips for you to follow in your quest.• Before investing in any online business, do your due-diligence. At a minimum, check with the BBB.• Speak to other people who are already with the company. If the company will not give you names of other people, don’t do business with them.• Don’t believe the testimonials you read. Most of them are made up, and these people don’t even exist.In summary, don’t fall for these “get-rich-quick” schemes. Due your due-diligence until you find the truly legitimate home based business opportunity you’re looking for.